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The BULLET Women


Do you feel lost? 

Are you stuck in life and time is flying and stressing you?

Do you feel helpless and unable to take control of your life?

Did you decide to live one day at a time regardless of the results?

Or are you feeling totally the opposite? 

Burnt out from the long to-do lists that never end?

Do you feel helpless when it comes to time management or planning? 

Are you unable to set or pursue goals?

The more you try to work faster, the more your duties keep growing?

You became a procrastinator and postponing became your escape?


Do you wonder how the past passed? Or do you worry about the future?

Do you truly believe that either you achieve personal success or professional success and that you can’t have both?

Your closest circle demands your full attention and nothing but all of you?

Your family is pushing you to marry while you see marriage as hell?

Are you just  awake or truly alive?

Do you feel buried? Covered with dust like an old book on a forgotten bookshelf?

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Trying to manage our time did us no good..


Most of us became so stressed and on the edge of a nervous breakdown…

Some stopped dreaming and became victims.. 

Some became hopeless of having work-life balance 

Just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and it isn’t your mistake..

Time is the sinful one…the perception of time and the beliefs we adopted since we were children..the limiting and misleading beliefs about time..

Why living such a poor life?

When you have a program

in which you can learn:


  • How to identify your priorities and define your most important roles now and in the future.
  • How to use your time to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • How to correct your current stressing perception of time 
  • How to plan and organise your time and use the time wasted in a personalised way. 
  • How to balance between the time you spend in the present, past and future. 
  • To track your time and how to use it more wisely and effectively. 
  • Practices to help you adopt self-leadership as a lifestyle. 

The BULLET Women isn’t just a course or a workshop.. It’s a program that aims to help you transform from a stressed, helpless and hopeless person into an active, optimistic, positive human being.

This program is for

each woman who is


  • Awake but not alive. 
  • Unsatisfied with her life 
  • Feeling stressed and useless
  • Confused and unclear about what to do with her days and nights.
  • A victim of health diseases triggered by stress

The program’s objective


The program’s objective is to help us enjoy our lives, living on our own terms, while using time as a tool to help us achieve more while living better. 

One of the best benefits of the program is the amazing support group on Facebook. It’s a closed group that includes all the program participants. On it you will receive help and have an opportunity to help. The interaction in the group helps you reinforce what you learned in the course and put it into practice so that your life truly transforms.


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Nancy Soliman

The program is very deep that introduces you to yourself and takes you into a journey to befriend with yourself It’s an ongoing journey where you have the full support from Iman and other members of the community, the program doesn’t stop by complementing the lectures as Iman also offers monthly follow up clubs where she introduces tools/ strategies to help us apply what we learnt from the program into our daily life I would definitely recommend this program to everyone who is looking to a step by step guide to dig deeper and know her self better at own pace!”

Ghada EL Akhdar

I joined Iman's program only to discover that what I thought would be simple organization tool was a huge world of value and dreams. She has authenticity and consistency that inspires and celebrates positive small changes. I love her detailed world of warmth and values...and her happy and supportive community. Proud to have joined the Bullets and once I knew of her Mentoring program, I quickly jumped in. May God reward your dreams and beauty... and realize them.

I was a victim of stress...


Trying to prove myself at work, I neglected my children in a period of my life… and the taxes were really high…

Trying to be perfect at work and at home, I became highly stressed, lost my voice and suffered from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)...

The pain became intolerable… the emotional and physical pain…

The pain led me to make a pause and decide to CHANGE…

I started learning about life-work balance and self-leadership and how to lead a world class life..

I studied, attended workshops, conferences and read hundreds of books…

And I discovered 6 secrets.. 

6 Secrets to use time with no rush.. 

Applying the 6 strategies enabled me to write my first novel (Fabulous Veils), while working as a full time educator and being a wife and a mother of two….

These strategies helped me truly feel alive, while pursuing my dreams and living a better quality of life..

In the BULLET Program


I teach you and train you to adopt these strategies as a lifestyle..

The 6 recipes will help you feel satisfied, balanced, motivated and will help you enjoy your life..

Limited seats are available every year..so Book your seat now…

Program investment is 1860  

(approximately 100$)

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