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The BULLET Teens


Your son is wasting his life, doing nothing productive?

He stays up late and his life is up-side-down?

He talks in a rude manner or crosses boundaries?

Sometimes you wonder if intentionally wants to annoy you?

He might lose his temper and harm himself or others? 

He constantly asks for money and doesn’t even seem to appreciate or notice your efforts?

He seems confused and lacks clarity? 

He’s lost and incapable of identifying his goals in life?

Do you wish that he better cares for himself?

Do you pray that he listens to your advice and pays attention to his future?


Do you dream of seeing him successful in education, in relationships and in life?

Are you frustrated from his actions and attitudes in life?

Your home became chaotic and irritable because of his age - the teenage?

Are you fed up from reminding him with his duties?

The home environment became toxic from the unending battles? 

No matter how many times you talk to him, he still shows no improvement? 

You are on the edge of losing hope?

Why tolerate all this chaos when you can offer him a chance to become a leader? 

A leader of his own life.

The BULLET Teens Program is

guaranteed gateway for teens from 14 to 19 years old


In this program the participants learn:

How to understand themselves as teenager and the nature of this stage in life

About self-esteem and how to develop it in practical ways 

Learn how to increase self-confidence through practical strategies 

How to manage anger and emotions and how to act properly with oneself and others 

How to set goals, identify priorities and lead own life 

How think of long term goals and how to take prompt action steps from

To appreciate the value of time and how to use it in productive and useful activities 

How to deal with his studies and education in a healthy and positive way

How to better care for his health by making smart choices 

His role as a human, as a family member and as a community member


In this program your teenager will transform from a confused teenager with low self-confidence and poor self-esteem into a human being who dares to dream and is excited to learn, grow and serve others


The BULLET Teens


This program is suitable for each teenager who

  • Suffers from poor self-confidence
  • Is subject to bullying and is unable to defend or stand for himself
  • Feels unfulfilled though having a good level of living 
  • Feel confused and unclear about his future goals and dreams 
  • Has a tense relationship with his parent (s) and no longer responds to blame or threat.
  • Acts impulsively without considering the consequences of his actions.

The program aims


The program aims to save the teenager so many years in which he might waste in confusion and a tensed relationship with his family. 

It aims to help him lead his life in the direction that would make him feel happy and successful. 

The program helps teenagers discover his hidden potentials and his areas of strength and use it for the best of his community. 

It works on restoring his familial relationships and enhancing the communication channels. 

This isn’t an academic course in which the participants are attending lessons. It is a program that includes a three-day workshop of play, talk, interaction, games and competitions with people from the same age group. 

It’s much more than a workshop, it’s a community which the participant joins and collaborates with to lead his life, influence others and elevate his community.


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As a teenager I was lost..


I felt lonely and wasn’t confident.. I felt unheard, judged and misunderstood…

I was rejected at home and at school…. Back then I believed that I was the problem.. 

And I spent long years angry and hurt. 

I suppressed my feelings and oppressed my thoughts.. 

I was entrapped, internally… I lived like that until my mid-twenties..

Wasting ten golden years of my life in stress, anger and confusion..

I was unaware of my capabilities 

And used to think that hanging out, shopping and having fun are the sources of happiness…

Yet no matter what I still felt emptiness within..

Until I started working with teenagers..

I was impressed with incredible abilities to achieve goals..

I was moved by their sincere will to leave better..

I was fascinated by their extraordinary energy and potential..

The first community and service project I led received an International Award..

A project in which 79 teenagers synergised together and won a global prize, competing with students from their age in much more developed countries. 

Since then I became a believer in teenagers’ potentials and committed to keep working with them and helping them to unleash their hidden potentials.. 

This program intends to help the teenagers lead their lives in the teenage and later on.. To become an effective human being in his community who aims high and leaves a legacy..

The program consists of


Part A: Three - Day - Workshop 

Part B: One -Day - Camp

The investment is 2500 EGP, including the workshop, the camp, the transportation, the activities and the food/drinks. 

The program is offered once per year and the available seats are limited. First to book first to guarantee his place.

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